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Amazing Coffee Art

The Internet: The Picture

You have spent way to much time online if you understand this picture. I have a blog so I can call my wasted time “research”. This really is great it includes everything from Long Cat to Star Wars.

Apple Unveils iPad

Click Through to Gizmodo

Apple Unveiled their new tablet today, As you can see its basically a big iPod touch/iPhone. Maybe its just me but I was expecting OSX something more.

Hierarchy Of The Dead

CH:Bumper Stickers After the Apocalypse

Great post from College Humor

Amazing Slow-Mo Surfing Video


The Zombie Kitten Apocalypse has begun!

The Ice Cream Sandwich Bench

Looks good right?  This original bench can be yours for the low price of $950 (Ouch!)

The Power of The Force

Beautiful Design