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I finally went to see Avatar this past weekend and when I got out of the theater there were a lot of things that went through my mind. Things like, “wow those were great effects” and “Why would a fat man go to the movies without a shower and THEN practically lean on me the entire movie?”. Did I mention that the theater was overbooked so we had to sit right beside total strangers? I just got lucky with the smelly big guy. Back to my original point. Do you know what I DIDN’T think about after the movie? ,”Wow, That movie(about blue aliens) was so cool that I should kill myself. Because my life will never be that great.”

When I first heard that some people were having that reaction I, like most of you probably did, thought that it must be a joke. Something you might see on The Onion or Fox (You know the fake news stations). However, after looking it up I found that it came from CNN. Now…If your life sucks so much that you wish you could go to another planet and get involved in a Smurf war. Well…You probably shouldn’t be able to go see public movies, or even the public. Your ass should be locked up before you start killing little kids toys because they “looked at you funny”. Seriously, The reason people watch movies is because they aren’t real. An escape from reality as some would say.

This wasn’t a real review of the movie but I would recommend going to see it in the theater. Watching on a TV just won’t be the same.